Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Paint

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YY-921 25kg/bag+20kg/barrel
YY-922 25kg/bag+17kg/barrel
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Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Paint

K11 Flexible Cementitious Waterproof Materials (double component)

YY-921 (I type) YY-922 (II type)


1.  Water-based and environmental product, no-toxic, no smell, no radiation, is suitable for drinking water tanks, swimming pools, rearing ponds and other long-term flooding places.

2.  Has strong cohesive force, good cohesiveness with base plane. And waterproof membrane can be directly plastered and pasted by stone, tile and so on.

3.  Can be used to waterproofing construct of wet base plane, plane and elevation, tee-head buttress and back surface.

4.  With “breathing” function, waterproof but breathable.

5.  Can withstand the non-structural vibration of the building and slight cracks produced by normal displacement.

6.  The waterproof layer doesn’t need the protective layer; can start next process after cures completely (usually 24 hours).



1.Waterproofing for indoor and outdoor concrete structures, precast, brick and other lightweight substrate.


2.The external wall, roof, floors, including tunnels, bridges, basement, pool, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, etc., especially around the nozzle, then angle part.



1.Base plane must be firm, smooth, and free of dust, grease, release agents, batik materials and so on.


2.All the small gaps and trachoma can be filled by paste which is mixed with powder with a small amount of water.


3.The exterior and internal angle should be fillet.


4.Leakage phenomena should be disposed firstly, and then start further waterproofing.


5.Base plane should be pre-wet, and be constructed after no clear water. That the construction could be faster, smoother; construction efficiency could be improved, material costs could be saved.




1.Pour the powder into the additive in proportion, stir until get even and no end groups’ paste. After standing for 5 minutes could get the better stirring effect.


2.According to construction requirements determine the number of times, generally impervious and moisture paint 1-2 times, water proofing paint 2-3 times. It is better to paint by crossways.


3.After the first pass completion of the construction, should wait it is almost dry, or non-stick hand, and then construct a second time, usually at intervals of 2 hours.


4.If it takes too long to dry the first layer, the construction should start after wetting the base plane and without clear water.



1.Well-mixed sizing agent should be used within 2 hours, if it comes dry don’t add water and reuse.


2.Construction should be done from 5 to 40, cannot be done under 0 or rain.


3.Within 24 hours of completion of the construction, should to prevent human trampling, sharp objects, light rain, frost and so on which will damage the waterproof layer.


4.Provide ventilation installation when construct in poorly ventilated or enclosed environment.


5.The air blower is not allowed to use to shorten curing time of the waterproof layer.


6.Waterproof product should be kept in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight and rain water.



Keep in a cool and dry place, unopened product is valid for 1 year; additive is valid for 6 months.







Product name

YY-921 (I type)

YY-922 (II type)

Solid content %



Tensile strength (Mpa)



Breaking elongation rate %



Water impermeability (0.3MPa, 30min)



Cohesive strength (MPa)



Impermeability (MPa)



Mixing rate powder:agent



Usage kg/m²/mm




The water-proof system of clockwise flat floor

1. Fine stone concrete of integral casting layer

2. YUNYAN K11 flexible water proofing

3. Think of 20mm 1:2.5 cement mortar screed-coat

4. Thermal insulation layer (perlite or plastic extruded board)

5. Reinforced concrete structure layer

The water-proof system of anticlockwise flat floor

1. Fine stone concrete of integral casting layer

2. Thermal insulation layer (perlite or plastic extruded board)

3. YUNYAN K11 flexible water proofing

4. Think of 20mm 1:2.5 cement mortar screed-coat

5. Reinforced concrete structure layer

1. Hang watts

2.Steel wire nets piece of cement mortar screed-coat

3. Thermal insulation layer (plastic extruded board)

4. YUNYAN K11 flexible water proofing

5. Think of 20mm 1:2.5 cement mortar screed-coat

6. Reinforced concrete structure layer