WPS Negative Waterproof Moartar (single part)

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Negative waterproof
One Component (water Base)
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K11 rigid waterproofing 






  1. Unique penetrating function, the active constituent of sizing agent penetrates into the pore and micro crack of base plane and form crystalline water proofing.
  2. Can be used to wet the base plane, plane and elevation, tee-head buttress and back surface of the waterproof construction.
  3. Has good two-way cohesiveness. Waterproof layer can be directly plastered and pasted.
  4. Have a long operation time and a short solidify time that saves time for other working procedure.
  5. The waterproof layer doesn’t need the protective layer, after it completely dry (usually 24 hours), start the next process.
  6. Cement-based product has anti-aging, good weather resistance.
  7. Construction is simple, free from restrictions on the complexity of the construction site; brush directly, greatly improves construction efficiency.
  8. It is environmental product, no-toxic, no smell, no radiation.







  1. Indoor and outdoor plane and elevation of concrete structure, bottom surface cementing, brick wall, light brick and other institutions.
  2. Be suitable for basement, parking place, swimming pool, water pool, kitchen, bathroom, and balcony and so on.
  3. Waterproof for factory buildings, floors, underground parking and other stable structure parts.





Base plane must be firm, smooth, and free of dust, grease, release agents, batik materials and so on.


All the small gaps and trachoma can be filled by paste which is mixed with powder with a small amount of water.


The exterior and internal angle should be fillet.


Leakage phenomena should be disposed firstly, and then start further waterproofing.


Base plane should be pre-wet, and be constructed after no clear water. That the construction could be faster, smoother; construction efficiency could be improved, material costs could be saved.





Mix 25kg powders with 7-8kg water for brushing; mix 25kg powders with 6-7kg water for smearing and pressing.


Firstly pour water into one container, and add slowly powder depending on the proportion, stirring until no code and even paste. Standing for 5 minutes then stir again could get better effect.


Brush using crossways more than 2 directions by roller or brush; depending on the standards of waterproof, base material and so on. The second time of construction should be done after 2 hours of the first one, it is the best time when the first layer not completely dry, or non-stick hand.


If it takes too long to dry the first layer, the construction should start after wetting the base plane and without clear water.


Keep stirring intermittently to prevent precipitation.


Within 24 hours of completion of the construction, should to prevent human trampling. When it is hot and dry, increase water curing in order to improve cohesion strength and waterproof effects.





Well-mixed sizing agent should be used within 2 hours, if it comes dry don’t add water and reuse.


Construction should be done from 5 to 40 , cannot be done under 0 or rain.


Provide ventilation installation when construct in poorly ventilated or enclosed environment.


The construction should start after the base plane is wet and without clear water, which can greatly improve waterproof effect; if it takes long time between 2 times constructions that should start after wet.


Any pipe surroundings, nodes and interface, expansion joints, structural joints, etc. of various base material, which have potential micro-vibration and movement, suggest to use YUNYAN flexible water proofing.





1.5-2.0mm use 8-12m²/25kg


0.8-1.0mm use 15-20m²/25kg





Keep in a cool and dry place; unopened product is valid for 12 months.









3d compressive strength (MPa)


3d anti-breaking strength (MPa)


7d impermeability (MPa)


7d cohesive strength (MPa)


Beginning concretion time(min)


Final concretion time(min)